Enhanced Race Results pages

We post enhanced results for all of our races on our website. How are they 'enhanced'?

  • Results appear live during the race through a window into the iresultslive.com website. (Depends on Internet connectivity)
  • Your race logo at the top of the page
  • Links to your race website and Facebook page are included
  • Links to results at coolrunning.com and athlinks.com
  • Historical results links for your race going back as far as results are available. (If results are not complete for your race, please help us find them.)
  • Links to race photos wherever they might be published.
  • News links to stories about your race that appear on the Internet
  • If we have photos of your race winners we will also include those in a rotating slideshow

When placing results links on your own race website, please consider linking to our results page rather than another source such as coolrunning, so that your runners will have easy access to our full 'enhanced' results!