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ChronoTrack Timing System

Syncing the ChronoTrack controllers before the start of the BAA 5k

In 2008, GSRS was the first timing company in New England to adopt ChronoTrack timing technology, which is one of the premier timing technologies used around the world. It is used to time many the largest events in the United States, including the New York City Marathon.

ChronoTrack uses disposable tags that are affixed to the back of the runners’ bib numbers. The tags use passive RFID technology. As runners pass over or by our timing points ChronoTrack antennas receive the signal from the tags through which the time and bib number are instantly recorded and sent to our computers. This enables us to provide fast, accurate results, including live results displays and emails or text messages sent to runners shortly after they finish the race.

In conventional timing, the runners are captured in the chute and processed manually as they exit, sometimes requiring them to wait in line when they are really tired and want to move around, get water, etc. The participants often feel as if they are being “herded” like cattle. With ChronoTrack chip timing, we no longer need to stop runners after they finish so they can move away to refreshments or their gear or just keep walking a bit to catch their breath. Runners will be more likely to come back to your event each year if they are treated to the friendlier processing provided by the chip technology. Whether you are the New York City Marathon or a small town 5k, ChronoTrack technology can work for you.

Runners pass over the "gators" at Boston's Run to Remember

Key Benefits:

  • Disposable Tag
  • Easy Distribution, no added hassle
  • Eliminate a post-race traffic choke point
  • Frees up volunteers to help elsewhere at your event

For more information, please feel free to contact Bill Teschek.

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