Granite State Race Services, LLC has been providing road race timing services throughout New England and beyond since the early 1980s. From the summit of Mt. Washington to the starts of the New York City Marathon, we have timed and scored thousands of races including road races, cross country meets, triathlons and biathlons, bicycle races, open water swims, and canoe/kayak events.

Our full menu of services includes:

Timing and Scoring

Registration and Results

Event Management Support

Logistical Support

"For race directors, producing quality events is all about choosing the right partners. Providing immediate and accurate results is imperative. DMSE Sports has partnered with Granite State Race Services as one of our preferred timing companies for over 25 years. They have timed and scored more of our events than any other company. Efficiency, cooperation, dependability, innovation and precision are just a few of the qualities they bring to our events."
 - Dave McGillivray, DMSE Sports, Inc.,
   Race Director, Boston Marathon

Race Promotion

Marketing your race is an important aspect of putting on a successful event. Here are some examples of what GSRS can do to help:

  • Listing your race on our calendar of events

  • Web page for your race with details about your event

  • Distribution of your paper race applications at events we time

  • Sharing of your Facebook posts on our own Facebook page

  • Check out the race promotion ideas page on our website

Age Grading

Can you explain age grading and age graded times? Age grading is a way to compare the performance of runners of all ages and both genders with one another on a level playing field. When your time is “age-graded” it is calculated as a percentage of the “ideal” time for your age and gender at that distance. This allows races to give awards to the runners with the best performance for their age. It is also frequently used in team scoring so that awards can be given to the teams whose runners turned in the best performances.

A great explanation with examples can be found here:

Follow the link below to calculate your own age-graded time.

Here is a link with more technical details:

Here is the history of this method and practice of 20 + years in World Track & Field.  Cycling is just getting started…


I have an asterisk after my time in the results that stands for "Under USATF Age Group Guideline." What does that mean?

The USATF creates guidelines for notable performances for males and females at all age group levels. An explanation can be seen on their website here: