Sponsor promotion support

Satisfied sponsors are a vital element of a successful event. As a race director, you want to attract and keep key financial backers by making their support of your event worth their investment. GSRS can help promote your sponsors' names and logos to runners, spectators and the media in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

  • Appearance of sponsor logos on race registration and results screens, as well as emailed results

  • Sponsor names and logos printed on customized bib numbers and teeshirts

  • Photo opportunities at iResults clocks with sponsor banners as background that may be posted on social media

  • Sponsor logo placement around the finish line and results area

Contact us about your specific sponsor promotion requirements.

For more excellent advice in working with sponsors, go to our ChronoTrack partner's blog or download their comprehensive, 25-page "Race Directors Guide to Working with Sponsors."

Race Promotion

Marketing your race is an important aspect of putting on a successful event. Here are some examples of what GSRS can do to help:

  • Listing your race on our calendar of events

  • Web page for your race with details about your event

  • Distribution of your paper race applications at events we time

  • Emails to runners using our Lightbox registration system

  • Sharing of your Facebook posts on our own Facebook page

  • Finish line photos posted to our Facebook page for runners to tag, share and comment

Check out the blog from our ChronoTrack partners full of event marketing ideas, as well as the race promotion ideas page on our website.

Age Grading

Can you explain age grading and age graded times? Age grading is a way to compare the performance of runners of all ages and both genders with one another on a level playing field. When your time is “age-graded” it is calculated as a percentage of the “ideal” time for your age and gender at that distance. This allows races to give awards to the runners with the best performance for their age. It is also frequently used in team scoring so that awards can be given to the teams whose runners turned in the best performances.

A great explanation with examples can be found here:


Follow the link below to calculate your own age-graded time.



I have an asterisk after my time in the results that stands for "Under USATF Age Group Guideline." What does that mean?

The USATF creates guidelines for notable performances for males and females at all age group levels. An explanation can be seen on their website here: