New Hampshire State Age Group Records & Other Information

New Hampshire State Age Group Records are maintained by Bill Spencer, the New Hampshire State Records Keeper, whose website address is

Current NH certified courses, 5K through Marathon. See below for the criteria for establishing valid records

NH State record criteria

    New Hampshire resident at time of record.
    New Hampshire races, run on USAT&F Certified courses. Certified courses must also meet the maximum drop of 1 meter per kilometer and start to finish separation of 30% or less to qualify for records.
    The race must have been run since 1983. Races before that time used a different and less accurate distance certification standard than is in use today.
    The race must be correctly timed, with at least two watches on the winner, started and stopped by two different people. Three is much better. The Race Director must ensure that the course is run as certified, and that the start was a clean one.
    The Chief Timer and Race Director must submit the results, with a copy of the USAT&F "Application for the recognition of road race performances" certifying that the above conditions have been met, to the New Hampshire State Record Keeper, Bill Spencer, 9 Cranberry Lane, Litchfield, NH 03052.
    Any runner is eligible for All Comer records.