Race Results

Virtual Run of the Charles: Boston's Premiere Paddling Race, April 25-May 23, 2021

  • Deer in Cutler Park (c)Viera Proulx
  • Lechmere Canal entrance (c)Viera Proulx
  • Lechmere Canal fountain (c)Viera Proulx
  • Longfellow Bridge (c)Viera Proulx
  • Norumbega Boat House (c)Viera Proulx
  • Shattuck Reservation (c)Viera Proulx
  • Shattuck Reservation and Noon Hill (c)Viera Proulx
  • Mark Helton
  • Virtual Racing Alone by Philip Warner
Event Date:
May 23, 2021
City, State:
Boston, MA
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