Race Results

Reebok Boston 10K for Women (formerly Tufts 10K for Women) 2018

  • Emily Sisson from Providence was the overall winner in a time of 30:39
  • Buze Diriba from Albuquerque was second in a time of 31:12
  • Erin Clark from Flagstaff was third in a time of 32:18
  • Dylan Hassett of Providence was fourth in a time of 32:36
  • Holly Rees of Cambridge was fifth in a time of 32:46
  • Hayley Green of Somerville was sixth in a time of 32:57
  • Dana Giordano of Boston was seventh in a time of 33:06
  • Amy Schnittger of Watsonville, CA was eight in a time of 33:29
  • Maya Weigel of Los Altos, CA was ninth in a time of 33:35
  • Rachel Johnson of Flagstaff, AZ was tenth in a time of 33:50
  • Brittni Hutton of Lubbock, TX was eleventh in a time of 34:01
  • Rachele Shulist of Rochester Hills, MI was 12th in a time of 34:04
  • Nine-year-old Madelyn Wilson of Auburn, MA was the wheelchair winner in a time of 57:21
Event Date:
October 8, 2018
City, State:
Boston, MA
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