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Bill Luti 5-Miler 2022

  • Runners at the start
  • Bill Maynard ran virtually at the Ashokan Reservoir and says, "Cheated a little because it is totally level on recommendation of podiatrist. On the other hand I ran at noon for a heat/sun handicap!"
  • From virtual runner John Varrill: This year, I chose to run the virtual Luti 5-miler on the 2.5 mile section of the Concord Lake Sunapee Rail Trail. Ran 2.5 miles to the end of the trail and 2.5 miles back. The photo was taken at the starting point of the trail on Fisherville Rd. It ends at the bottom of Carter Hill Rd. Most of the trail is dirt, with some gravel, much easier on the knees than asphalt. Wanted to see if I could run the 5 miles without having to walk, something I don't think I could do on asphalt (wasn't able to do it in 2021 when I ran on the reverse Luti 5 mile route - had to walk most of that course). Was able to (slowly) jog the CLSRT out and back course without walking, I ran the 2002 Luti 5 miler with almost zero running training - mostly trained by riding a Kickbike kick scooter. This year I did the same - Kickbike scooter rides (and almost no running) were enough to enable me to run 5 miles without walking!
Event Date:
July 16, 2022
City, State:
Concord, NH
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Race held virtually in 2020
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