Race Results

Virtual Moms on the Run 5K Run & Walk 2020

  • Liz Vartolone says "Took a while but I made it..."
  • Karen Larson says "Cathy and I ran together, but 120 miles apart!"
  • Dave Bovee ran the official course, except for starting/finishing on Cataract Ave.
  • Nancy Banffy and Bob Stearns
  • Melissa Lesniak is ready to walk with Karen & Gabby
  • Peter Bresciano
  • Anthony Settineri
  • Tim Hayman
  • Meg and Tate Hayman
  • Evangeline Stuart
  • Stephanie Labadie's route
  • Priscilla Camarda says "Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!"
  • Charlene Lundy says "I did it!"
  • Sandra Ho says "Happy Mother's Day, everyone!"
  • Scenes from Amy Locke's 5k run in Berwick
  • Brittany Luther and family
  • Geri Clifford
  • Stacie Desfosses
  • Lynne Clement and Heather Twombly
  • Christopher Piccuito
  • Jacob Luther
  • Cliff Mommsen says "A beautiful day, a great cause, and a great day to celebrate the Moms"
  • Heather Phelan says "This race has been a goal since January 2nd. Honored to have done this with so many neighborhood Moms!! I did it!"
  • Diane Gibbins says "I walked--first 5K since I fractured my patella. So worth it for a great cause!"
  • Cindi Phillips says "The 2 dogs I own ran with me, we are done and resting by the river, white dog is Naava, brown dog Zacky they are both rescues from Pope Memorial Dover N.H."
  • Heather Twombly and Lynne Clement
  • Shawna Chag
  • Kim Wesson says "Moms are coming home!"
  • Janet Gnall says "Finally after all these years got to walk the 5k. :)"
  • Anita Nicholson's run
  • Linda Pelchat
  • Rebecca good says "Noble Strong 2020!! It was an amazing morning!"
  • Abi Seifert says "Strong start at home in Joisey!"
  • Bill and Tish Teschek took a break from recording everyone's times to go for a 4.6 mile walk in Brentwood.
  • Ashley Keough's stats
  • Ava Lyndes
  • Hugo Majoor and Antonie Wielens ran in the Netherlands
  • Denisa Okolie and her biggest fan
  • The Alexander family of Dover
  • Drew Lauze-Parson's stats
  • Diane Casselberry is "Looking sexy while trying not to fly away"
  • Jodi Blevins' stats
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May 10, 2020
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