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Virtual Bill Luti 5-Miler 2020

  • Dillon and Tim Prendergast did their run in Lafayette, NJ
  • Tom Dunigan says "Ran this race with my Father in-law, Joe Boyle. It was great to run the actual course. July 4th was a perfect day to run. The temperature was in the seventies when we ran mid morning.
  • Bill and Tish Teschek marked their Luti 'run' at the 5 mile mark of a 9.2 mile hike in the Wildcats. This is between the summits of Wildcats B and C.
  • Bob Teschek says: "I enjoyed this solo run in the desert. Thanks Coach Luti for the inspiration for lifelong running! RIP!"
  • Heather Hesse
  • Coach Luti taught me discipline, perseverance, and the will to win, all things that served me well in my professional and running careers. Running cross country for him eventually led to a job in the sport shoe business, which led to a 35-year tour of the world and things I would have never imagined possible as a 16-year old. I owe him debt of gratitude for all that my life turned out to be.
  • Andrea and Jim Cannon ran in Houston, Texas to honor the memory of Coach Bill.
  • Karen Wright in Norwich, Vt.
  • Richard Wein and his Tuesday morning run in the Boston Seaport district
  • Kathleen Beltrsmi finished her run at Memorial Field in Concord
  • William Beall did his run down in North Carolina.
  • Alex Vogt after his run in Bedford
  • Ken Zahn at the top of the hill on the Luti course says it's a "Great morning for a run."
  • Jim Langley took this "Passing the entrance to home of the Banana Slugs - University of CA at Santa Cruz."
  • Jim Hoffman did his five mile run on the Nashua river run trail
  • New England Runner's Bob Fitzgerald says: "Great morning run on our local 5 mile course...with Michelle but will miss being in Concord this Saturday. Next year for sure!!!!"
  • William Klein says "Glad to have the opportunity to honor and remember my Father-in-law...and for the impetus to restart a fitness regimen!"
  • Angela Luti Klein says that the Brewster Flats are a "Walker's Paradise," and that "Coach loved the Brewster Flats, and was able to walk there up until 18 months before he died. Many thanks to you all who made the race possible this year, runners and organizers and fans!"
  • Lisa Merrill Rhodes did her run on Stone Mountain in Georgia
  • Steve Landry says it was "A great night to run the Luti course, but missed seeing him at the finish line where he had been posted for so many years. Did some volunteer work with Coach Luti and his stories about his experience during WWII were incredible. Thanks!!!"
  • Pat Bourgault
  • Tom in selfie looking back at the outlet of the 4th Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg, NH. Bill taught me to be mind full of the smaller things in life talking stock of your surroundings and building on your every day experiences. Just like running around White's Park Pond at the back of group 3, constantly being told by Bill that starting there is only the beginning and like that of the Connecticut River's headwaters you too can work you way up to the front of group 1 as the river flows to the sea. Thank you Bill for your lessons on life and your unconditional love over the years. Coach,I love and miss you, Tommy Forest
  • Don and Wendy Yeaton after finishing 5 miles
  • Robert Luti "Walked 5 miles in Bill Luti's old sneakers..."
  • Coach Luti's grandchildren Dorothy, Carina, and William Luti ran with their mother Elizabeth. We ran, walked, and complained in the back yard- to the beaver pond and back, over and over again. The kids are sleeping like logs. We love you, Poppy!
  • Kevin DeAngelis says "Coach Luti was a Great Leader & Friend to me"
  • Lisa Melanson did her Luti run at Lake Winnisquam in Belmont
  • Katrina Brow "Got it done before the heat!"
  • Tom Atherton with Coach Luti at last year's race. Sure did miss him at the field this year. He was a great coach and a greater man. It sure was nice starting at a little after 7 AM when it was only 62 degrees.
  • Jenni Lee House says that "Obie Dog even joined the fun!"
  • Jill Smart says "Murphy and I enjoyed a beautiful Square Pond run this morning in honor of Coach Luti."
  • Tom Raffio and Bill Luti at last year's race
  • Ellen Raffio sends a photo of last year's soda with this year's time.
  • Penny Sullivan says "Another Great Run sure was hot"
  • Barb Higgins ran her virtual five on the old Luti course that starts at Memorial Field, with a little help from her videographer Kenny.
  • John Varrill says "I took this photo at the finish line of the Luti 5-mile course, just after completing the "race." I actually had to jog/walk the course a second time (on 7/17), because I accidentally stopped my stopwatch some time between mile 3 and 4 the first time (7/16). I had not run the race since 2002, and before that in 1970, '71, and '72."
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July 18, 2020
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Race held virtually in 2020
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